Saugeen Shores, Ontario Canada
For EMERGENCIES call 9-1-1   Police Station: 519-832-9200

Road Safety Initiatives

Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere, R.I.D.E lanes have proven to be an effective mechanism in the reduction of impaired driving. Saugeen Shores Police Service conducted numerous RIDE lanes to supplement this.

Problem-oriented traffic enforcement is a model used when our service receives complaints in a certain area. Police use selected enforcement to assess the extent of the problem and active enforcement to try to reduce or eliminate the problem. This is another example of where our community members can assist the police in identifying the problem areas.

Police Services in Bruce and Grey County share a roadside portable radar device that displays a vehicle speed. This is a visual reminder to motorists as to what speed they are traveling. The sign is deployed in high traffic areas, high complaint areas or areas as identified by police. Police and Public Works also purchased two portable radar devices to monitor specific problem areas.